A year ago, I finally left my busy, demanding job to become a full time author. I’d carefully weighed up the pros and cons for over two years, before deciding to take the plunge. Walking off into the unknown without a regular pay check was scary stuff. But I did it!

2016 started well. I put my bum on the seat every day, and managed to write two books (rough draft) fairly quickly.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m writing a series of Cold War Thrillers set in the 1970-1980’s which feature unusually for this genre not only female protagonists, but lesbian protagonists.

A few months later, my world came crashing down. My relationship of 22 years crashed and burnt. I was on my own. After a few months of very dark days, I knew I had to change the things I could.

I debated shifting to Wellington, but I didn’t want to leave Auckland or my friends permanently. Then my thoughts turned to travelling. I had vague thought about going overseas, but one day I thought why not? Why shouldn’t I go alone? What’s there to stop me, except my own fears and insecurities?

After the breakup, I thought I would find another girlfriend. I looked at dating sites online, but I knew I wasn’t ready. I needed to heal myself before I could contemplate a relationship with someone else.

Purely by chance, around this time, I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Her year living in Italy, India and Bali changed her life. Why couldn’t it happen to me?

Before I could talk myself out of it, I booked a flight to Bali. Then another flight to Goa. I paid for travel insurance for a year.

I was going!

Bring it on!

Here’s the link to a free book!

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