Firstly, many thanks to you all for sending wonderful supportive emails, texts and messages. Since I left Auckland six months ago, I’ve had an incredible journey.  Everything that’s happened to me, I believe has happened for a reason, and accepting it is the key. 

No, I didn’t return to my German classes. I couldn’t see the board, and I failed to keep up with the fast pace of the class. Has my interest in learning German diminished? Yes, I’m afraid it has waned. I’m continuing with the Duolingo in the evenings, but I’ve noticed myself speaking in English and not attempting German.

So, what have I been up to?  On Monday, I had my eye tests. I was informed they would take two hours and they did to the exact minute. German efficiency for you! The eye specialist gave me the OK, and my operation is scheduled for 3 August.

On Saturday, I went to Stadtfest which is similar to Auckland’s Big Gay Out, and London’s Gay Pride.  As I stepped out to the crowded platform at Nollendorplatz, I realised I should’ve listen to my friend and stayed home. I took a photo of the street sign with the rainbow coloured balloons which is poignant. In the Weimer era, this street was well known for its women only bars. After the Nazi’s seized power, the bars closed and the women disappeared. Where to? Nobody really knows, but probably to labour or concentration camps.

In Berlin, the streets are usually wide, but here they are narrow and cobbled. If I tripped I’d be in trouble. It didn’t help that stalls lined both sides of the road. I had no alternative but to follow the crowd, head deeper into the throng of people and look for an exit. After a long ten minutes, I found a street which took me past a stage and out of the Stadt. A female impressionist sang Edith Piaf’s collection of songs, and she didn’t do a bad job.

On my way to the U-Bahn a circle of multi-coloured bears caught my eye. Yes, bears! Each bear represented a different country, and the hope of the exhibition is that all countries can exist in peace…..

Our one looked awesome, I’ll post it on FB.

Yesterday I spent 7 hours in the German Historical Museum. The exhibition starts at 500AD, but I skipped the early events. I began at 1789 and by 2pm I had only reached 1914! A quick break for lunch, and back to the exhibition. I hired an audio guide for 3 euros, and I recommend doing this because it gave detailed explanations of the eras.

To compliment my stay in Berlin – I’m reading ‘The Three Emperors’ by Miranda Carter. A fascinating account of the lives of King George, Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm.

See you soon!

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