Where? I can see you asking. Good question. The small city of Kolobrzeg is situated on the Baltic sea and is known for spa treatments. I arrived in the evening after enduring a seven hour train from Berlin.

‘The train began to slow and judder. The corridor came alive with the buzz of chatter, cases lugged into the corridor, and passengers started to put their outer clothing on. Had they arrived in Kolobrzeg?’

Why did I go? Research, I wanted to see what the city looked like as I needed a cold, remote location for ‘The Circle of Sappho.’

Had Kolobrzeg changed since the Iron Curtain fell in 1989? I don’t imagine so. The shops had very little in their windows. Lighting was at a premium so I had to peer into the dark interior to see the limited range of goods. In the centre of the city groups of youths hung around in the freezing cold. The apartment buildings hadn’t been refurbished and street lights didn’t work. It was a reminiscent of another era and a perfect place to end part one of ‘The Circle of Sappho’.

‘Sinclair wondered if she had paled, and thought for a few seconds she might faint. How could it possibly be him? But she knew without a doubt it was. Her gut instinct never failed her. The plastic surgeon who had worked on his face, had been good. The shape of his nose had changed. His cheeks had been filled, but she could never forget his cold and calculating eyes.’

Lezability factor – zero.

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