Yoga Nidra

I didn’t know quite what to expect. When I enquired about it from another guest, she said. “You lie down and go to sleep.” Well, you’re not meant too.

Just before dusk we climbed up the hill to the yoga studio. We had to place our yoga mats on the floor, lie down with a cushion under the head, and listen to the Swami’s voice.

During this practice, all parts of the body are relaxed, and you are encouraged to think of a resolve. This should be something profound you want in your life. Mine was simple, I wanted to move on and leave the past in the past. You should make the resolve at the beginning and end of Yoga Nidra, using the exact same words each time. 

Some guests fall asleep, and I think I did briefly the first time, but you need to keep awake, but it makes it harder when you’re instructed count backwards!

Does it work? For me, it has. I’ve managed to let go of the pain and distress of my relationship, and I’m no longer feeling resentful over the ending. Since leaving the retreat I listen to Yoga Nidra at night, and it helps me relax before sleep.

If you’re interested you can check out You Tube. There are heaps of videos with good instructions.

I continued with my daily treatments for my back. After the first week, the pain began to lessen, and I felt better than I had done for months. I could sit in a yoga pose eating my meal!! The doctor suggested I take a few individual lessons with Om who’s one of the instructors. I’ve always been advised by doctors, consultants, osteopaths and physio’s never to attempt yoga because I have a sciatic injury, and never to sleep on my stomach! 

Coming to India has changed my belief in the Western system of managing pain relief. Taking medication stopped the pain but only temporarily, when the effects wore off, I remained in pain. When I questioned the doctor, he smiled and said. “What have you to lose?”

Indeed, what had I? I approached my first lesson with some anxiety, but Om told me he’d been trained in physical therapy, so he knew what positions I would need to strength my back and keep the Chakras aligned. The Chakras connected to emotions and feelings are in the lower back, and I don’t believe it was any coincidence my back worsened after my relationship ended.

I admit it! I enjoyed it! I can now do the crocodile and rabbit pose! I’ve decided to try and fit daily yoga into my schedule.

How’s my back pain? It’s improved considerably.  How’s my emotional health? I would say it’s improved by 80%.

Swan Yoga is a meditative and spiritual place, if you want hard core yoga this isn’t the place for you. If you want to revaluate your life, and have the desire to change things, this is the place to come.

Next time – meeting up with my friend Sharon in Anjuna!

Best wishes


This photo is of the amazing Om.



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