I’ve seen a lot, and I mean a lot, comprising all shapes and sizes during my walks and drives around Bali.

Every village has 3 temples, so that kind of accounts why there’s so many.

Last week it was Dark Moon day, and I was lucky to visit Bali’s most important temples.

Pura Besakih is the Mother temple which is regarded as the holiest of Bali’s temples. There are an awful lot of steps and it can take a full day to visit all the temples (there are 80) on the site. I climbed about 100 steps, and that was enough! As it was Dark Moon day, high school students dressed in white came from all over Bali to place offerings.

The temple is located on the slopes of Mount Agung. My driver Wayon drove me up to a vantage point where I could see the grey smoke. It’s still an active volcano.

Then onto Tirta Empul. It’s famous because of its holy water which is used to sprinkle on the daily offerings. The Balinese queue up to submerge themselves under the water.

Pura Bratan is another important water temple, and is on the edge of Lake Bratan. The day I visited it was raining, but that added to the serenity and peacefulness of the lake.

It seems nearly everyone on Bali is called Wayon. I’ve lost track of how many I’ve met, but they’ve all been kind and helpful. The first-born child is always named Wayon, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

I’ve been asked if I’m writing or spending my days on the beach. It’s HOT in the middle of the day, probably around 34 degrees and very humid.  I thought I was used to it living in Auckland, but no, it’s incredibly energy sapping here.

 And finally, after ten months of writing very little or nothing at all, I’m back to averaging 2-3k words a day.

Why didn’t someone tell me how difficult romances are to write?

See you next week.

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