This morning I woke up to the news that another terrorist attack has taken place on British soil. The third in three months. I’m going to London on Thursday to see a show, and this won’t stop me. I recall the threat of the IRA bombings in London in the 70’s and 80’s. Sometimes it took nearly 2 hours to get to work because of all the security alerts, but it never stopped Londoners getting on with their everyday lives. I’m hoping British grit and determination has endured and will see people through this.

Brexit appears to have divided people even families. I think it’s slowly dawning on the some of the great British public exiting the EU will not fix the problems the UK is facing. Leaving the EU will probably bankrupt it. I’m quite sure the EU will insist on considerable compensation. The cost of changing laws, passports, increased security at borders will cost the taxpayers millions of pounds.

The general election takes place this Thursday. Theresa May, the current Prime Minister is trying to persuade the public she is a safe pair of hands to conduct negotiations with the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader seems to be appealing to younger voters with his message of promising more resources for the overstretched NHS, re-nationalising the railways, and increasing taxes for the rich. The Labour party’s manifesto sounds like a throwback to the 1970’s. Older votes shudder with horror as they recall these times when the UK was brought to its knees. Let’s not forget that Jeremy Corbyn was a crony of Anthony Wedgwood Benn. Benn was a supporter of the (then) Soviet Union who frequently met with the KGB.

Every night on tv pundits and newscasters rehash the day’s events. The absence of polls is noticeable. Who could believe them after their predictions on Brexit were completely wrong?

Who will win the election? Or will there be a hung Parliament? We’ll know on Friday morning.

Onto the lighter side of life. It was my sister in law’s birthday and her surprise present was a trip to London to see Mamma Mia. Alighting at Victoria Station I was amazed to see the amount of people rushing around the concourse. We took the tube to Covent Garden, one of my old haunts. It hadn’t changed, still packed with tourists. I stopped short at the end of King Street. My old bank Lloyds has been turned into a restaurant. Prime real estate I guess.

Then a delightful week with an old friend who lives in Alciston which is in the heart of the Sussex countryside. We had an awesome time visiting villages, old market towns, meals in old pubs and visited a church where the Bloomsbury set had painted murals on the walls. Simply stunning. Driving through the Sussex countryside under canopies of trees, seeing the vivid greenness which is uniquely to England was magical.

The highlight was lunch with old schoolfriends. We’ve known each other since we were 11! Yes, don’t count the years, but it’s a long time. The sun shone as we sat reminiscing in my friend’s back yard recounting the tales of our youth. Our friendship remains as strong as it had, all those years ago. Something to hold onto and treasure in these uncertain times.

Best wishes




The photo is of me and my niece before Mamma Mia.

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