Why Blog ?

I’ve always been fascinated with travel. From a young age, I loved looking at atlas’s and photos of different countries and places. I wanted to leave the small town outside London where I grew up, and get on planes and explore the world.

And I did. I’ve travelled to many countries in Europe. I’ve been to Africa, Australia, the Middle East and the USA.

Some years ago, I decided to emigrate to New Zealand where I currently live. It’s a privilege to live in such a wonderful scenic country, and I count myself incredibly lucky, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. From my lounge window, on a hot summers day I’m looking at the sea and Kawau island.

I need to ensure my books are authentic and accurate with the geographical locations. For me research is the key. Sure, I can sit at a computer and look at Google maps, but it doesn’t give me the actual experience of being there. In 2014, I visited Warsaw for seven days to look at potential locations for my book ‘The Circle of Sappho’, which is coming out later this year.

I found Warsaw to be a cold and hard city, and it wasn’t because it was February! History has scarred Warsaw and its citizens. The years under Nazi occupation during the Second World War and the subsequent years of life under Communist rule have left deep scars. Would I have felt that thousands of miles away?

You might be thinking there are heaps of travel blogs. Yes, there are. Some of them are excellent and informative. I particularly enjoy the ones written by women travelling solo. However, after reading several blogs, I discovered a number of them had a friend, boyfriend or a partner accompanying them. Lesbian travel blogs feature couples travelling together, I could find only one exception.

During 2017, I’ll be travelling exclusively solo through Bali, India, UK, and Europe.  Most of the places I will visit will feature in my future books.

Yesterday I was asked this question. Are you using your travel blog to promote your books?

Yes, of course. I want you to read my thrillers which are set in the Cold War and feature the adventures of MI6 officer Nikki Sinclair and her on and off lover Mossad spy Dvora Bar Zahavi.

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